Djhistory: Was the Aural Exciters your solo project?                                                                                  
Bob Blank: That’s what it became yeah. I was working with all these people who were doing other projects. Ronnie Rogers was a songwriter, August Darnell was with Savannah Band, Taana Gardner was introduced by a drug dealer friend when she was eighteen years old. These people were talented and interesting. Ronnie came in and I said, 'Let’s go and record something' and we came up with Spooks In Space. The vocal and piano is the first take of that song. He made it up, the laughing and everything. Ze Records thought it was great and that’s how a lot of the records at that time were made. Nobody sat and conceptualised the Aural Exciters. © 2010 Interviewed by Bill Brewster 28.08.                                                                                                                                
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'SPOOKS IN SPACE' - Ron Rogers, Taana Gardner,  on lead vocals, Wil Lee on bass guitar, Ken Mazur on lead guitar, Ron Rogers on piano, drums. Written by Ron Rogers. 
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