Growing up in the South Bronx, down the street from a record shop blasting  James Brown's classic "I Feel Good," and car radio speakers breaking up with Joe Cuba's "Bang Bang," I was a natural fit for Mr. August Darnell -- or as I knew him back in school -- Tommy Browder.  We attended James M. Kieran, New York City PS 123  in the Soundview Section.  We took the  Beechwood #9 bus to school.  I played drums, he was a mean bassist!  We were jamming to the Beach Boys, The Beatles, and yes we had our own groove too!  Years later we were still at it.   At ZE RECORDS (after"Deputy Of Love," and after "Cowboys and Gangsters") Mr.Michael  Zilkha, Ze Records founder,  gave us great latitude and great support.  (He let us do en-nee-thing which explains some of the "Spooks In Space"  tracks!)  Well, one winter day, a day or two before Christmas, up on Riverside Drive, August put me up to it -- "Yo Ronnie, he said "Yo! Rahnie!! the 'Kid'  says.  And I mean,  if you know Kid, he can speak the Kings English, or he can talk some s--t!  "You GOT TO DO a thing!!! A jamma-ramma ma man"!  We were in and  out!  Mixed at Electric Lady Studios, NYC.   It's a cool record.  Chris Blackwell put it out on Island,  and it keeps coming out.  It's on the Strut Kid Creole Anthology this time.  Thanks Kid!  - Ron Rogers 2010.